Vivid Linea DH-1100

The Linea DH-1100 is a continuous roll fed system that allows non-stop lamination for demanding jobs.

The Linea DH-1100 has been designed for jobs that just can’t wait. As well as being able to cope with long, continuous runs, its highly versatile and ideal for laminating different size media such as long banners or odd shaped pieces.

The system has been carefully designed with well thought out features making it easy-to-use and highly efficient.


Key Features:

  • Solidly built from all-metal components
  • Large diameter rollers to withstand the rigors of continuous operation
  • Available in 4 sizes from 11×17″ – 34×44″

Great for use in:

  • In house print
  • Schools
  • Colleges & Universities

Ideally suited for:

  • Posters
  • Teaching aids
  • Banners
  • Notices/signage
  • Photos


Encapsulating Speed 63 inches/min
Max. Width 43 inches
Max. Encapsulating Width 43 inches
Mounting Thickness 0.2 inches
Warm-up Time 15 mins
Laminating Temperature Range 32-284 °F
Film Core 2 & 3 inches
Power Supply AC 220/240v, 50Hz
Power Supply AC 240v, 60Hz
Power Supply Required – Amps
Power Consumption 2700 W
Overall Dimensions – Width 54 inches
Overall Dimensions – Depth x Height 17×12 inches
Gross Machine Weight 441 lbs
Warranty 1 Year*


*Warranty Information for Linea Roll Laminators

Your Linea Roll Fed Laminator should reach you in perfect condition, however please retain all original packaging once you have unpacked your laminator as this system is covered by a return to manufacturers warranty. If your laminator arrives damaged or faulty in anyway this must be reported to your supplier immediately. If you send your laminator back for repair at any time , then the warranty may be void if the laminator is not packaged correctly and as a result is damaged in transit. The laminator you have purchased comes with a one year warranty on defective parts and general wear and tear. THIS DOES NOT COVER any film jams, misfeeds or film wrapped around the rollers caused by operator error and you will be liable for the repair costs (including any delivery charges).

The laminator rollers are covered against manufacturing defects, they are not covered against any damages caused by misuse ie being cut with a knife or damage from non laminating incidences.